Cornelia Mayer, ✞31.08.2021

On 31.08.2021 our Zither teacher Cornelia Mayer passed away. This blog post is for her.

Cornelia Mayer Cornelia Mayer, Source:

You’ve never been only our teacher. You are so much more for us. You’ve never only taught us how to play Zither. You passed on your passion for music, your knowledge and your love for this instrument to us.

Life can be so unfair sometimes. You achieved so much, you touched the hearts and souls of so many people with your music and your smiles. And you still had so many plans to fulfill, goals to achieve and you simply would have deserved to live for several more years.

You were an incredibly strong woman, full of energy – and even that you showed us how to be.

You are our friend, with whom we had so much fun and who helped us no matter what. And on top, you gave us a second family with our Vienna Zither Company. You’ve always been there for us and we will be forever grateful.

Vienna Zither Company
Vienna Zither Company, Source: 

We sincerely hope that you’re happy now, wherever you are – without any struggling, fighting or pain. We wish you that you’re playing Zither again. And we know that you’ll always be in our hearts, watching when we’re playing Zither and listening to our music.

Right now there is so much pain in our hearts when we think about you. But we know that over time this will pass. And that we will look back to the time we had together with a smile.

Cornelia, you’ll always be remembered.

Cornelia Mayer

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